RV & Boat Storage

For RV and/or Boat owners, finding secure storage can be a challenge.  Bridgeview Storage provides convenient, safe, and reasonably-priced storage solutions for your large, recreational vehicles.

RV & Boat Storage at Bridgeview Storage Center

Reasons for Using RV Storage

Why do people rent vehicle storage for RVs?  There are a number of reasons why someone might need to store a trailer, RV, or boat including lack of space at home, neighborhood covenants, and more convenient traveling. Self-storage is the perfect option!  Whether you’re leaving your recreational vehicle in storage long-term or simply needing a place to park between uses, self-storage offers a flexible option with month-to-month leases so you can store for as long as you need.

Reserve Today!

Rent your RV, trailer, and/or boat storage space today online or by phone!  When you choose Bridgeview Storage for your vehicle storage needs, you can rest assured your RV, trailer, or boat will be safe.  We utilize advanced security features like electronic gate access, perimeter fencing, and video surveillance.

Bridgeview Storage Center Offers RV, Boat & Trailer Storage
Bridgeview Storage Center Offers RV, Boat & Trailer Storage


Knowing your RV, boat or trailer is safe while in storage is very important to our customers.  With security measures including electronic gate access and video surveillance, Bridgeview Storage takes security seriously.

Access Hours

The ability to take your RV out and put it back into self-storage when it’s convenient for you is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Bridgeview Storage offers 24-hour access to your RV with a gate code.

Outdoor RV Storage

Bridgeview Storage offers designated RV parking spots. These storage spaces start as small as 12×20 and are available up to 40 feet in length. Climate controlled building for your recreational vehicles offer a 10 foot door.

RV Storage Preparation Tips

When you are storing outdoors at Bridgeview Storage, properly preparing your vehicle for storage is important.  Follow the basic tips below, and be sure to read your owner’s manual for specific care instructions.

  • Thoroughly wash your recreational vehicle.
  • Remove the battery and keep it on a charger at home.
  • Top off your fluids with fresh oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, radiator fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Disconnect propane tanks.
  • Clear out the pipes, especially if you live in cold-weather areas.
  • Clean the interior of your RV, including removing perishables.
  • Block the exhaust and other entrances to protect against rodents and pests.
  • Make sure to close and seal any roof vents, especially if storing uncovered outdoors.
  • Protect your RV with a quality, breathable cover.